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This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration.

The 7th Framework Programme

International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES)


INNOSTORAGE project is driven by the need to develop efficient thermal storage (TES) systems using phase change materials (PCM). One of the main contributions to the rational use of energy is given by the TES systems. They accommodate efficient storage of thermal energy, promoting the possibility of using renewable energy such as solar energy, ambient cold and residual heat. The use of PCM for TES is the system that has aroused more practical interest, due to their large energy storage density available within a narrow temperature range. In this project we aim to study means of improving the development of the constituent PCM, their encapsulation and use in a number of important applications in both the domestic and industrial sectors, with the final aim of achieving commercialization in the European market. The implementation of these storage systems may lead to marked energy savings and significant lowering of CO2 emission.

The research scheme considers the expertise and capabilities of each partner and also the possibility of creating new synergies among them. It will be implemented through 7 work packages covering the objectives of new materials, with special emphasis to cost, and the characterization of their thermophysical properties. It will also cover the modelling of materials and systems, and their applications in industry and in PCM in construction elements. The proposed exchanged program includes visits of experts and ESRs in all the work packages with the overall aim of extend, enhance and strengthen established collaboration among the INNOSTORAGE partners, increasing the individual mobility and career prospects of each researcher. These exchanges will involve a transfer of knowledge at different levels and training opportunities for ESRs searching the future scientific development of the groups through their involvement in projects relevant for future experiments. It is also an important objective the dissemination of the exchange activities.

Duration of the project: 48 months.

Starting date: November 1st, 2013